Custom Events API Integration
Southcoast Doctor API integration

A Plan for Success


In depth market research, brand analysis, competitive analysis and user studies

Content Strategy

SEO content using the brand voice and focused on consumer needs


Built on robust, flexible Wordpress CMS using HTML5 and CSS3

User Personas + Strategy

User personas focused on needs, goals and priorities which guide website architecture

Wireframes + Design

Iterative wireframe and design process based on project goals and user behavior

UX + QA Testing

Testing across devices and screen sizes, with a focus on the mobile experience

Personalized Menu

Persistent throughout website experience

Doctor Finder

Integrated with doctor database and iOS/Android app

Location Search

Featuring filterable map and list

Pages per session

Avg. Session Time

Bounce Rate Improvement

Overall Traffic Increase

*Results based on a six-month time period post website launch, compared to the same time period the previous year.